Why do you accuse people who wear a bikini

We have always been required to dress appropriately and not be too revealing. This is a fundamental rule for all of us in our social connections. Dressing appropriately is also regarded as a manner when we talk to other people. Therefore, with the development of these traditional conventions, the requirement about dressing becomes more strict than before, although nowadays, we are all advocating freedom of dressing. However, the elderly group is still accusing the people who wear clothes that are too revealing. When it comes to clothes that are too revealing, maybe we will think of SHEKINI swimwear, bikinis. However, those clothes are not our daily dressing but a costume that we will wear on certain occasions. But why some people still can not understand this kind of clothing and accuse it?

What is a bikini

SHEKINI is a swimsuit brand that serves every woman in different body shapes from all over the world. Naturally, our products include the bikini. In general, a woman’s two-piece swimsuit, a bikini is consisted of a top part and a bottom part covering the breast area and the groin and buttock area of a woman, leaving the midriff exposed. Another kind of SHEKINI one-piece swimsuit bikini consists of one part that connects the top and bottom, also this kind of bikini will cover more areas than a two-piece bikini. Apart from the same covered areas as two-piece bikinis, the one-piece bikinis can also cover your midriff. As the explanation of a bikini implies, obviously, no one will wear it in their daily life because it is indeed too revealing. From the above content, we already explained that a bikini was a certain costume that we wear on some occasions, and it has not disobeyed the dressing rules.

Common occasions for wearing SHEKINI bikinis include the beach, swimming pool, or some swimsuits parties. In those situations, all people on the spot are wearing bikinis to match the atmosphere and the party theme. But if you do not wear it, then you may be a little embarrassed.

The Influences of Traditional Conventions

Because of the influences of traditional conventions, some elderly people will criticize you if your costume is too revealing even you do not wear a bikini. Sometimes, we can hear such kind of news that a woman who is over 40 or 50 is accusing a girl on the road or on public occasions. Only because the girl wears short jeans and her legs exposed. In this society, there are so many situations like that. However, as for our young people, we can not understand that why we have to be accused. Actually, we did not disobey any rules or did anything wrong. For our clothes, we are also wearing appropriately. We will choose different styles of clothes on various occasions. In our opinion, the most important thing in wearing clothes is to wear comfortable and suit our own style. We will not deliberately choose to reveal clothes, but we also will not choose clothes that we don’t like in order to cater to the so-called traditional concepts. Take swimsuits, for example, there is not only one type and we can select swim dress, two pieces bikinis, or SHEKINI one piece bikinis. The choice is all dependent on our own preferences. On the other hand, when we are at the beach, we will not consider that whether our costume is too revealing or not. But if we take part in a vital evening party, we will choose some formal evening dresses to match the occasion. If we go to formal banquets in grotesque dresses, then this is wrong and should be blamed. We should follow the traditional conventions, but they can not restrict all our behaviors.

Increase in crime rate

As we discussed before, Bikinis is a kind of clothing that exposes many body areas, and it can only cover some secret areas. There are not only females at the beach or the swimming pool, but males are all there. Maybe it is not appropriate to say that all males are lustful. However, this is a human instinct that people will show or have a feeling of sexual desire when they see someone wear too revealing. Sometimes, men will whistle to get the other’s attention. Maybe they also do not have any bad intentions either. Whereas, we still can hear about such news reported that a woman is sexually assaulted because they are overly exposed. Generally, public opinions are all accusing the perpetrator, which is normal to us all. However, we cannot deny that there will always be some people accusing the victim. Why do you wear too revealing clothes? Why not choose some normal clothing? You deserve it because your costumes are too exposed. We did not exaggerate the facts and we always hear such views in our life. What’s more, such crime rate is also increasing year by year, and the accusations about overly revealing women’s clothes also have only increased. From this situation, Bikinis is not the reason itself, but bikinis can not cover our body areas is the root cause. Crime rate increasing is not resulting from our bikinis or other clothing, but the perpetrator’s own cause. What we should do is not accuse bikinis or the people who wear a bikini, or the people who wear SHEKINI swimsuits, but we have to correct this wrong opinion and punish the perpetrators.

In a word, there are still exists prejudice about bikinis, swimsuits. Maybe they do not accuse this kind of swimwear, in fact, they are criticized too revealing costumes. Regardless you wear a bikini or wear jeans or other dresses, what you need to pay attention to is your clothing is not conflicted with the occasion you are in. No one will choose to reveal clothing deliberately and no one hopes to be accused by others. After all, bikinis are only suitable for several occasions, and these are not daily clothes. We have no exact reason to blame them. Sometimes, SHEKINI bikinis also will offer confidence to females, and bikinis also provide an opportunity for us to show off our figure, which is a great chance to meet another ourselves, and enjoy a totally different experience from our immutable life.