What are the benefits of swimming

Everyone knows a kind of sport: swimming. Although not all people know how to swim. After all, to a certain extent, we will classify swimming as a dangerous sport. In the summer holiday, we still can hear some bad news on the TV. However, what we can not deny is that swimming still can be an amazing form of fitness for people of all ages. It has been called the perfect exercise, and it can be done by both the very old and the very young groups. After all, you can gain so many benefits from this aerobic workout without any damaging impact on your joints. Not only help with your physical health to stay in shape, but swimming also helps you keep in peaceful mental health status. It is also a sport that does not need any fancy types of equipment. What you need is just a swimsuit and swimming pool. From SHEKINI, you can find what you need for swimming.

Swimming helps you to lose weight

For the groups who want to lose weight, swimming should be the first choice. If you want it to be, swimming can be one of the most challenging workouts resulting from it can burn a massive amount of calories in the water with a structured workout. Even though many people know that swimming is a great way to lose weight, most of us still do not realize it has the same effects as you jumping on the treadmill. Also, we know there are three types of workouts we can divide into, low-impact, medium impact, and high-impact workouts. But for swimming, we can divide it into all those three impacts workouts according to the stroke and intensity you choose to swim. However, as for the equipment for swimming, you have no need to divide it into those levels. Just take SHEKINI swimwear or a swim dress is enough. In general, we know the different strokes on the water are: breaststroke, backstroke, freestyle, and butterfly stroke. There is a study shows that for 10 minutes of swimming, you burn 60 calories with the breaststroke, 80 calories with the backstroke, 100 calories with freestyle, and an impressive 150 with the butterfly stroke. Therefore, according to the change of swimming stroke, the calories we consume will be different. What’s more, swimming is not a monotonous sport. At the same time, we burn calories, we can also enjoy the happiness of water activities. Compared with other aerobic exercises, swimming helps us to avoid the stress of losing weight, and let us forget it for a while.

Swimming lowers stress and depression

Now everyone lives a happy life, but we can not ignore that most of us hold a lot of stresses from different aspects. Whether it is the stress from your work, or the stress from your kids, or other stresses, what we want to do is scream to release the annoying stress. Swimming regularly can lower stress levels, reduce anxiety and depression, and improve your sleep quality. When you swim, you can escape from the world that makes you stressed and focus on swimming. At the same time, you do not have to talk to anyone, just be one with the water is the vital and only thing you need to do. Through stroke at the water, you can feel the slight pressure from the water when it is touched on your skin. This is not the same pressure in your life, but it is a gentle stroke from water. What’s more, swimming can help you redirect your thoughts and views about some things that have bothered you for a long time. When you are focusing on swimming, you will not think about other things. But after you finished the swim, you will have totally new opinions about your stress from life or work. Maybe you know the natural endorphin kick? While we call it runner’s high, swimming can also bring all those happy emotions to us. Therefore, try to learn to swim. It will take away a part of stress and pressure, then offer a lot of happiness to you. On the other hand, when choosing SHEKINI swim dress, you will also be happy because so many types for you to choose from.

Swimming is great for general well-being

Obviously, swimming can be the first if you want to lose weight. If you stick to swim for a period, then it will surprise you. Apart from the certain main reason for choosing to swim, swimming is also great for our general well-being. Compared with losing weight, keep the general well-being is more difficult, although it does not require you to learn the different strokes when you swim. Losing weight is a phased matter for you, and it can not be a career that occupied your life. However, keep our general well-being can be a lifelong career for us. If you choose to swim for this purpose, then you do not need to spend too much time learning the stroke, but what you need to you is to stick to swim. You can swim twice or third times a week, and 30 minutes a time is enough. It can help you stay in a great body type, stay fit and maintain a positive mental look. As we talked about before, the equipment for swimming is just a swimsuit, so you can choose a different suit when you swim like SHEKINI bikinis or swim dresses. Each time you choose a different outfit, you will have a fresh feeling and emotion. Moreover, swimming improves your sleep quality, then you can deal with your work full of energy on the second day. Do it just now, not for losing weight, but only for our healthy lifestyle.

In summary, swimming is just all-around awesome! You can experience its benefits from physical health and mental improvements. Life can be annoying sometimes, but we can not be upset all the time when facing the hassles in our life. At this time, we need some external forces to help us release those stresses and pressures. Just take your favorite SHEKINI swimwear, go to the swimming pool, and feel the gentle stroke from the water.