For every woman, underwear is clothes that give us security to breasts and prevent injury. In this way, we are really cautious when we choosing it and it seems that we are willing to spend money on selecting underwear for us. Nowadays, going to the gym and doing some outdoor exercises are popular. When it comes to doing exercise, what underwear will you put on? Or, do you have any ideas to have a sports bra when you doing Yoga and do any other types of sports? Maybe we have no idea about it and we usually think that we do not need special underwear. But in the fact that we do need a SHKEINI sports bra when we doing exercise.

Here are the reasons: when we exercise, the breasts will bounce up and down, which makes us uncomfortable. In some degree, continuous movements can result in soreness, pain, and sagging.

For most of us, we are always reluctant to buy sports bras. First of all, it is expensive and usually, the price of the sports bra is higher than our everyday bra because the sports bra features a protective function. Second, the sports bra is not necessary for us and we only put it on twice or third times a week if we do not have many plans for exercise.

After all, we must know sports bras are made to reduce the hurt from continuous movements when we are exercising. Having a sports bra is not depend on what size breasts you have. Everyone experiences bouncing during physical activity. So every woman should wear a sports bra while running or exercising.


Disadvantages without wearing the sports bra

  1. Exercising without a sports bra can be painful and discomfort
  2. Not wearing a SHEKINI sports bra will lead to stretch marks
  3. There is no support for your Cooper’s Ligaments
  4. Without a sports bra while running can cause back and neck pain
  5. It can cause sagging without a sports bra.


The reason that we need a sports bra when doing exercising

Prevent Injury

No matter the size of your breasts, the physical activities or the workout will cause injury to Cooper’s Ligament. The most important factor is that Cooper’s Ligaments cannot repair themselves and eventually they result in our breasts sagging. Moreover, if we do not focus on protecting them and without adequate support to the breast during workouts, then the breasts will prematurely be sagging. So, find the best sports bra will help you a lot.

Reduce Discomfort

Because our breasts will bounce up and down during exercising, more or less, we will feel discomfort. If we still put on our regular bras, there will be no help for our breasts, for the regular bras are not equipped with any support function during our intense workouts. Even we are just doing some low-impact sports like jogging or Yoga, the regular bras cannot offer any support and reduce the discomfort. What’s more, you cannot stretch normally if you wear a regular bra.

Avoid Nasty Stares

Sports bras help our breasts stop bounce up and down intensely so we can exercise relaxed. For sure, it is not a delightful thing when people stare at your chest while you are working out. In the contrast, it could be annoying and even embarrassing. Obviously, regular bras do not help us to solve this problem, and just because we wear regular bras, they are staring at us. In this situation, we do need to wear a sports bra and help us prevent such annoying and embarrassing staring.

Fashion Statement

With the advocate of keeping a healthy lifestyle, going to the gym and organize the outdoors activities are more popular nowadays. Of course, while we are pursuing health, we are also do not forget to pursue fashion. Actually, a sports bra is no longer merely clothed we can put on when exercising. It has already become a fashion style. In the markets, we can find a lot of different styles, colors, and shapes. We can choose different sports bras fitting our style and our mood in a week. Also, you will find what is the hot style SHEKINI sports bra on sale.


What types of sports bra should we put on for low, medium, and high-impact activities

For low-impact activities

Even though you are not exercising, or you do not wear sports bras during you are working out, the light impact activities also cause discomfort and pains. We know the Low-impact activities, like yoga, hiking, and pilates, create less bounce than other vigorous exercises, so it requires lower lever support sports bras with maximum comfort. For women with a larger size chest, we recommend medium-impact sports bras even for low-impact activities.

For medium-impact activities

If you do some medium-impact activities, such as weightlifting or anaerobic exercises, cycling, and rowing, which involves quite a lot of movement. Although those workouts are not as strenuous as high-impact activities, we still need to choose sports bras that will offer adequate support for our chest. At the same time, sports bras during medium-impact workouts keeping us comfortable and relaxed.

For high-impact activities

High-impact workouts require us to do some high-intensity actions and maybe these actions will keep continues and repeatedly. In this way, you need a SHEKINI high-impact sports bra or supportive sports bra which can offer enough support and protect you. For example, running, plyometrics, dancing, and many team sports like football or basketball. These exercises will also consume our stamina to the maximum. In this aspect, we want a sports bra that can focus on providing the maximum support, especially for those women with larger size chests. This helps us focus on our activities and have no need to worry about other unnecessary factors.

Take care of your sports bra

Not like our regular bra, we will sweat more when we are wearing a sports bra and do some activities. Therefore, taking care of our sports bra is a vital procedure. First, if you are willing to spend more money, we recommend that you can use a special underwear laundry detergent. Second, hand washes and hangs dry them. It is not recommended to machine washes because it accelerates the loss of elasticity of sports bras. Third, pay more attention to the water temperature when you wash them.

In all, do not ignore a sports bra, no matter that the sports bra brands, or you can choose our SHEIKINI sport bra, and it will help you in more than one aspect when you are working out.