How to Choose a Sports Bra

In our last blog, we have talked about how the importance of SHEKINI sports bras. We believe that until now, most of you already have a mature concept about sports bras. Then, in this blog, we are going to discuss another topic about sports bras, which is how to choose a sports bra for ourselves or what should we take care of when we selecting a sports bra.We will focus on several aspects to tell you how to choose a suitable sports bra.

How does Sports Bra Reduce Breast Movement

In general, the best SHEKINI sports bra reduces breast movement through the following several approaches. In this part, we can also regard those approaches as the different sports bras construction.

Encapsulation sports bras 

These kinds of sports bras are the most common in our life. They surround and support each breast separately by two individual cups which have no links. Most everyday bras are also encapsulated sports bras, even though they are treated as supportive sports bras, there is no compression in these bras. With this feature, they are usually best for low-impact activities. However, encapsulation sports bras offer a more natural shape than compression sports bras, just like our everyday bra.

Compression sports bras

As the name implies, these types of sports bras typically compress the breast against the chest wall to restrict movements. Usually, they pull over your head. Unlike encapsulation sports bras, compression sports bras do not design built-in cups to separate breasts at all. What’s more, these kinds of sports bras provide stronger support and compression to breasts. Due to this reason, compression sports bras are more suitable for women with smaller busts, and they can wear them to do some low-impact activities like Yoga and Pilates, even some medium-impact workouts. But for women with larger size busts, we do not recommend compression sports bras because they cannot separate busts at all even compress them, so it may cause chafing from the breasts rubbing up against each other. But if there are adjustable bands with the compression sports bras, women with larger size breasts can choose them to do some low-impact activities.

Compression/encapsulation sports bras

These are a type of sports bras that are combined with the above two different sports bras that provide both natural shape and enough support. As the name suggests, these bras offer more comfort and support than compression or encapsulation alone because each breast is surrounded and supported by individual cups and also it is compressed against the chest wall to prevent moving. These kinds of bras are equipped with adjustable bands or straps, and women in A-B cups will tend to choose them to work out. As for the larger size busts, these sports bras will design both adjustable bands and straps so they will be well-fitted and more suitable for high-impact activities.

What Level of Support does You Need

We know that sports bras provide three different levels of support: low, medium, and high impact. What level your need depends on your cup size and the type of exercise you do.

Low-impact sports bras

We know some low-impact activities include walking, yoga, and strength training. Those exercises will not consume too much energy and also do not need too many drastic movements.

Medium-impact sports bras

Dancing, skiing, cycling are our familiar medium-impact exercises. To do those activities, we need to wear medium-impact sports bras to protect our breasts.

High-impact sports bras

Like running, aerobics, mountain biking are all high-impact activities. As we know, when we do those exercises, it will consume too much energy and also, we need to do many drastic movements.

Tips for Getting the Perfect Fit

For your cup size, you can have a reference from your everyday bras. Or, you can find the size chart and combine it with your everyday bras’ size to make sure of the further measurements. Once you have your measurements, the next step is to find the right and best SHEKINI sports bra. This step can be tricky and complicated and usually, it requires you to try different sports bras brands. The following are some tips for getting the perfect fit.

Snug, but not too tight

Your sports bras should be snugger than your regular bras because they must offer support to you. But snugger does not mean restrict breathing. You need to reserve about two fingers space between the bra straps and your shoulders. In this way, it will keep your breath smoothly during exercising.

Without wrinkles

You would better choose the smooth cup fabric but the wrinkles cup. With wrinkles in the fabric, the cup size may be too big for you. In the contrast, if your breasts are spilling out of the cup, then it may be too small for you.

Adjust the straps

Most sports bras are equipped with adjustable straps. If the straps ride up obviously when you raise your hands over your head, this sports bra is too big for you. In this situation, you need to adjust straps or the back closure. Also, keep in mind you have no need to adjust the straps too tight because your shoulders will be painful if you do so. Maybe some people think it is difficult to choose a SHEKINI women's sports bra, but after you know clear all the questions, it will be so easy.

Move around

When you have put on a new sports bra in a changing room, do not forget to jump around and swing your arms to see if there are any pains or discomfort. Please try another one if you have such feelings. This situation may happen when you put on a compression sports bra for its strong support and compression.

How Long Does Sports Bra Last

Even though we do not wear sports bras every day like regular bras, but in fact, we need to spend more time in sustaining sports bras. There are scientific statistics that show a sports bra will last around 30-40 washes. With each wash, the fabric will loosen, making it less support effect. Another thing we need to take care of is that we should wash it in cold water and leave it air dry. Remember that if your sports bra cannot provide any support for you, please give it up and purchase a new one from SHEKINI.