Have you ever think about the best swimsuit color at different places: at he pool, beach, or on a boat?

Every time we buy a new SHEKINI swimsuit, the most we will consider is the patterns or the style, of course, the color also will be taken into consideration. However, now we want to talk about this topic in another aspect. After we chose a new swimsuit and decide on the pattern as well as the color, then which occasions should we put on the new swimsuit with the different colors? So before purchasing your next swimsuit, let's take a moment to think about where will you go to spend most of your time once you wear it. As the name implies, swimsuits are the clothes we wear when we go swimming, or when we go to the beach as well as when we are on a boat. Perhaps, what color swimsuit we wear on these occasions will not have a special impact on us. However, when we spending time thinking about this side, we believe that you will have another feeling when you go to the beach after you chose the corresponding color carefully. But, what rules can we reference when we choose the suitable SHEKINI swimwear color? As we all know, certain colors will blend into the area around you, but also others will stand out. In the following content, we will talk about several common colors for three exact occasions: the swimming pool, the beach, and on a boat. 

At swimming or patio pool: RED

We will know most vacation hotels will be equipped with a swimming or patio pool. With a patio of wood or cement behind you, the color red makes you a stunning scenery. Maybe you think the color red is too publicity and high-profile, and in the crowd, red is seen by others at a glance. Or, you do not want to arise any attention in your trip. However, do not be nervous, from our SHEKINI, we have a lot of red color series for you to select. From solid red in an array of wine red to brighter watermelon red and pinks, we are sure that our robust collection of SHEKINI red sexy swimdress will satisfy your unique style, budget, and silhouette preferences. For instance, if you prefer the brightest red color, you can choose solid red. If you are afraid of arising attention, then the watermelon red or the pinks are recommended. 

On a boat, the WHITE color is the first choice. 

Perhaps we all attend to choose the blue color when we are on a boat because this color will help us to blend into the sparkling blue water. However, please do not forget, on this occasion, we should stand out but not blend into the blue water. On the other hand, the white color looks stunning offset against the blue water. If you want to take some pictures, the white color is more beautiful than the blue color. We believe that you also do not want to see total blue pictures, the water is blue, the sky is blue, and the hero of the pictures still puts on a blue SHEKINI one-piece swimsuit. More or less, this picture is too harmonious.
As an additional benefit, boating safety requires us to wear a bright color when out on the water so we will be easy to see by swimmers. Also, the white color swimsuits are a first choice to help to stand out in case we need help when we are out on the water. If you are fashion trendy, you can try to accessorize your white swimsuit with a brightly colored cover-up in a different solid to design a beautifully color-blocked ensemble. 

What should we wear at the Beach? Our answer is BLUE.

Consider what will you do most at the beach. Usually, we may play beach volleyball, from the boardwalk to the beach walk, after we are a little tired, we will find a sandy chair and lying down to relax. On this occasion, the blue color is your go-to earth tone to stand out at the beach. As the same as the color red, we also designed a series of blue colors for you to choose from, you will find the best one for yourself. Many people think blue is a symbol of gloom. Others think it stands for hope. Maybe different people have their unique opinions. The deep navy blue looks slim while rich and jewel-toned blues make you bold and beautiful. If you want to some light color, then we will recommend the sky blue color to you. This is a cheerful and relaxed blue color, and you will have no burden when you put on it. Just choose a blue SHEKINI bikini.

If you are not willing to spend added time in choosing certain colors, then the BLACK color is your preference. 

Remember that you will not do wrong in black. Black is the classic color. This color will not help you to stand out in the crowd, but it does not mean you will be totally submerged in the crowd. The most popular color a woman can wear is black, and this is especially true in the world of SHEKINI swimsuits. Black allows women to try the trending details effortlessly such as mesh, lace, cuts, and open-back styles, without sacrificing their confidence. Other colors ask us for good shape or figure or have a fair complexion, but black is a fail-safe from slim to style. No matter what else you pack in your beach bag or suitcase. Remember to set aside enough space to always carry a black SHEKINI swimwear. On special occasions, you can pair it with any cover-up or other accessories. Classic black is sexy yet chic, it will help you to find a better yourself and feel good every day, no matter your destination! Choose a suitable swimsuit for yourself is important, but choose a suitable swimsuit in the right color also matters. What's more, put on a suitable swimsuit in the right color to go with a certain occasion will help you to find a unique feeling.