When you heard the name SHEKINI for the first time, you may be confused about it. We all know the Bikini, but what is SHEKINI? Now, let us introduce our SHEKINI, after that you will have a strong interest in us.
Shekini is a beachwear brand inspired by and created for the most vibrant, fun, and fearless women all over the world. Since our inception in 2015, we've built an incredible community of women who move forward in confidence, comfort, and style.
Our vision is to create swimsuits for different groups. For instance, we have a special swimsuit set category, SHEKINI maternity swimwear, we also designed a popular series set for the kids. girl's swimwear. What's more, we took people of different shapes or figures into consideration because we believe that swimsuits are not designed only for slim people, and obese people should not be troubled by their figures and worry about they have little chance to purchase suitable swimsuits. This concept has been implemented since the beginning of our SHEKINI., also we will always develop and apply it.

In our SHEKINI team, we all hope that everyone has a chance to choose a swimsuit or any other items they like from us once they come to this website, which is our original intention to create SHEKINI. On the other hand, we are also happy for people who enjoy their summertime with our swimsuits when they got to the beach with their friends and families. Indeed, summer is so hot, and to some degree, most people do not like this season because we will not take the risk to stand under the scorching sun and tan ourselves. However, with the help of SHEKINI, you will willingly go to the beach and enjoy the sunlight, enjoy the ocean breeze because we already gave encouragement and enough reason to you. Once you put on SHEKINI swimsuits or other Bikini sets, you will be eager to go out to show it and spend a nice summertime with SHEKINI.
What does SHEKINI do?

SHEKINI’s original intention is to create and design suitable swimsuits and other clothes for females. From swimsuits to cover-ups, all of our pieces are crafted with love using patterns, textures, and quality fabrics that get you from the beach to brunch effortlessly. We're committed to staying true to our roots in our mission to empower women everywhere to look and feel their best in quality, stylish, and affordable SHEKINI swimwear
From the above content, you already knew that we design with different body shapes and sizes in mind. Therefore, when buying a swimsuit from SHEKINI, you no longer need to worry about your body shape. We have helped you solve this long-standing problem that has plagued you. When it comes to patterns and style, we also provide various choices for you all. With timeless one-pieces, lush floral prints, or cheerful bright SHEKINI bikinis, whatever you want, we will design it for you sooner or later, there’s something that’ll make every woman feel beautiful, inside and out.
Apart from the swimsuits, we also offer some pajamas for you. After a hard day, we should relax and get a good night's sleep! At this moment, SHEKINI Pajamas are willing to give you a totally different but wonderful sleep experience. Let's think about that after playing beach volleyball with your friends and when you got back to the hotel, take a shower, drink a cup of hot milk, and put on soft SHEKINI pajamas, what a beautiful night you will have.
We believe every woman should have access to quality swimwear without the high price tag. So get ready to fall in love with every piece from Shekini that is thoughtfully made for you. Moreover, we believe everyone should have access to a beautiful night with soft and comfortable pajamas.

What will you get from SHEKINI?

In all, our final aim is to provide soft and comfortable lingerie as well as pajamas for you, then you can enjoy every moment in your life and be a better yourself. We are not only struggling hard for our life but also learn how to enjoy our life, then we have access to reach the other side of our dreams.
Not only do SHEKINI provides the products for you, but also we want to offer our warmhearted service for our customers. As we know, the products are important, but our services also matter. Service-oriented plays a significant role in our work. 
We have our service email address and official social media account, you can contact us anytime when you have problems or questions about our products. Do not hesitate to contact us, maybe sometimes we cannot get back to you ASAP, but we will reply to you once we received your messages or emails.
Customers’ shopping experiences are also crucial for us and we do pay more attention to this aspect. For us, taking care of every customer’s shopping experience is indispensable. with the assistance of our customers, we can upgrade our service and our products, also we will adopt the suggestions from our customers and apply them into our design. We humbly accept every customer’s sincere advice,  so do not worry that we will be annoyed after we received your complaints or messages.
So, what will you get from our SHEKINI? Soft pajamas, sexy and stylish bikinis, cute kids' swimsuits, and a unique shopping experience. What's more, we will give our warmhearted service to you all.

The first time you heard our SHEKINI, you may be so confused. But we bet that you will fall in love with SHEKINI after you have a deep comprehension of us. For SHEKINI, we believe that life should be lived on the beach and enjoy the ocean breeze as well as the sunlight to relax, whatever that means to you. Whether you are walking in the sun seaside or hanging out by the swimming pool, SHEKINI always adheres to living life at the moment. We design with style and comfort in mind, thus you can sit back, relax and enjoy the sunshine.