Why do you need to lose weight?

OMG! Summer will come soon, I must lose weight this month. I already got so much fat in the winter, can I still put on my SHEKINI swimsuit I purchased last year? So now I have to control my diet and run every day. I want to purchase some beautiful shirts and other clothes this summer, I cannot put them on if I lost weight failure. You see, just a small thing also can be a reason to lose weight. It seems that losing weight has already become common sense between us, no matter how weight you are and no matter whether you really need to lose weight. Actually, obesity has already been a health problem in the recent 20 years, a lot of people get fat because of their inadequate exercise, unhealthy diet, and irregular work schedule. In this situation, lose weight is not only a topic about our figure but also a health issue worthy of our consideration. If you are on a healthy weight and normal figure, then you have no need to lose weight. However, if you are already in an obesity situation, please pay attention to it and start to lose weight. This is not only a problem about whether you are pretty when you put on a skirt or a bikini, but it is an issue about your health.



Stay healthy and decrease the risk of getting diseases

The World Health Organization points out that being overweight is the fifth leading cause of global death. What’s more, obesity continues to be a risk factor for high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Also, there is a new study showing a possible link between obesity and several cancers we did not know were linked before. Several diseases we are familiar with, like heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes, are also related to being overweight. We know the body mass index. If it is in a high index, then the risk of certain cancers like breast cancer is higher than the people who are of normal weight. You do not need to pursue a slim figure, but you still have to keep yourself fit and get away from the different cancers or other diseases. Actually, being overweight has no relation to the body types if you do not care about whether you can put sexy SHEKINI swimwear in a summer holiday, but if you often go to see the doctors and take medicine, then it is time to start losing weight.

Keep a good mood and sleep well

Although sometimes you do not care about your figure and weight, also, you do not think slim should be the only standard to judge someone. In fact, there are still some people who tend to gossip about others and arouse appearance anxiety. In our lives, we have to admit that there will always be a group of people who discriminate against others’ bodies. Such discrimination will increase the risk of foster depression and low self-esteem. Moreover, there is also some other evidence that suggests bad mood and obesity are actually associated, and on the other hand, depression may be a precursor to obesity. As a result of this depression and bad mood, you also cannot have a good sleep at night even you put on your soft SHEKINI pajamas. Once this situation gets worse, you will be in insomnia and in a low emotional state all the time. When other people are happily chatting and discussing whether to go to the beach during summer vacation, you can only sit silently next to them because you still cannot take part in them in a normal mood. The same situation will also happen at the night, because of the bad mood you can fall asleep. So, in order to keep a good mood and sleep well, please do not ignore your weight and start to lose weight if it is necessary.

Make your wardrobe colorful

Sometimes you will be so embarrassed when you are in a dressing room in a shopping mall. You like a dress, but you can not put it on even you already tried the largest size one. At last, you have to give it up and seek other clothes for the fat people in black colors. But why the clothes in black color? Because we know that black clothes will make us look thin. So your wardrobe has already full of black-colored clothes, T-shirts, plus size SHEKINI bikinis, and others. You have to avoid wearing certain types of clothing because of being overweight, also you make your wardrobe become a big black box. There are a lot of different clothing are waiting for you to explore. After you lose weight, going shopping and purchasing new clothing can be another enjoyable activity. You can put on a pair of jeans and a lovely sundress that you have been expecting a long time for summer. After that, your wardrobe also changes into another one. Open it and you will be excited about your new wardrobe. There is no longer be black clothing but colorful and various SHEKINI swimdress. This is a wonder for your wardrobe, and also, it is a miracle for yourself.



Indeed, lose weight is hard. However, it cannot be an excuse to give it up. Being overweight is not a good thing for you no matter how do you think of this issue. Everyone wants to live happily and have a good mood to connect with others. We do not want to discriminate against others, however, being overweight will be an excuse for discrimination. No matter you are a female or a male, pay more attention to your weight and figure will help you a lot. No one wants to be rejected by others, and no one wants to give up so many colorful dresses. Although we prepared exclusively clothes and SHEKINI swimsuits for obese people, why not try to purchase new clothes and change your wardrobe? Lose weight and make your wardrobe be a miracle. Please remember, if you think still think body type is cannot be a strong reason to lose weight, then please focus on your health, your good mood, and your good sleep. You will live longer if you have a healthy body.