Why Christmas is so important to you

We know Christmas Day, one of the grand festivals for all westerners. It is also an important day for all Christians as it reminds them that Jesus, the son of God, came to the earth for all people. Therefore, people celebrate this day to honor Jesus as he gives a belief to their life.

Nowadays, no matter what religion you are in, Christmas Day can be a meaningful festival for you and you do not have to delve into whether enjoying Christmas will conflict with your religious beliefs. In general, we all know what Christmas means: it means that we can get a lot of gifts from fat and bearded grandpa, and we can find all the Christmas gifts from the socks. However, we know this is a beautiful legend and all the gifts are from our families and friends; we are also happy in enjoying the story of a fat and bearded grandpa. Apart from a lot of gifts, Christmas Day is also a symbol of reunion. A family will plan many activities to celebrate it and enjoy it with their families.

The first and most important activity is Christmas Shopping. Most stores include SHEKINI will prepare some promotions. This can be a popular activity for all kids but a tired one for all parents. For kids, they will select so many foods, like candy and fruits. Also, a lot of new clothes are designed with Christmas patterns, like the Christmas tree, the Santa, and the Christmas deer, as well as any other decorations about Christmas. But for parents, usually, they have to prepare all the groceries for Christmas Day include the food, the clothes, the gifts for all people, and also other decorations for the house. It seems that parents and kids all buy the same things. Actually, kids are only focused on themselves, but parents have to take care of all the families. Even though they are tired after Christmas Shopping, they still enjoy this little shopping trip as the whole family is happy to enjoy the reunion moment.

Apart from Christmas Shopping, Christmas also gives people something to talk about, friends, neighbors, and families. Even if you only say happy Christmas or happy holidays to them, it will also convey something to them.

For the current urban life, maybe the most impressive thing is work, earn money, how to save money and any other life trivia. Not even our friends or neighbors, we seem to have a few talks with our families. Every day we get up, some of us will go to work, and some others will go to school, and then the elder people stay at home to clean the room or sort out the house. Therefore, most kids are so happy when the holiday comes, like the summer holiday and Christmas Day holiday. These are the two popular holidays among all the kids, even adults. In the summer holidays, they can carry their new and colorful SHEKINI swimwear, cute sunhat and maybe their expensive camera to go to the beach. They can swim, play volleyball, and walking along the beach with their families. At last, take a picture to keep in mind this happy moment. On the other hand, when it comes to the Christmas holidays, they will purchase a Christmas tree and decorate this tree with family members. They have a lot of opinions about how to decorate this Christmas tree, and they can discuss it. In this situation, what they have said will exceed the words they have on weekdays. So, the Christmas holidays have created a chance for all the family members to have something to talk.

At night, after all, things have been done, they will enjoy the rich dinner. Perhaps this is the most popular step for kids because they can eat so many yummy foods, also they can have some foods that their parents do not allow them to eat in peacetime. Maybe this is the fascination of Christmas day. Parents will not require their children so strictly, and also, they will even allow them to make some small mistakes. As for children, there are plenty of excuses to spend time with parents and there are also plenty of excuses to have some drag parties with all family members. Maybe they will put on their cute SHEKINI pajamas with Santa print, or they will find the lovely swimwear that they have put on during the summer holiday, and take out the picture to recall their memories. No matter how serious your parents are in peacetime, but in the Christmas holidays, they also just a kid who put on adult clothes. If you want to have a drag party, they will also take part in it, no matter the clothes is swimsuit, pajamas, uniform, or any others. Moreover, they will prepare a set of Santa clothes, a big and white beard. Finally, they take a box or a bag to give the gifts to you.

Indeed, Christmas Day is a belief for all Christians. They celebrate this day to honor Jesus. With the development of the economy and the dissemination of cultures in various countries, Christmas Day is not only a celebration for Christians. Of course, for the westerners, Christmas Day is still a grand festival. Maybe, for example, just like the summer holiday for kids, those are two holidays which can help them have a personal time and space to have a relax and enjoy themselves.

In the summer holiday, maybe the beach and SHEKINI swimsuit are occupied our time. In contrast, on the Christmas holiday, it is the Santa, Christmas tree, and pajamas are occupied our time. But why pajamas? Because organize a drag party is so popular among all family activities, and pajamas can be the first choice. 

So, why Christmas Day is so important to you. This can give you a chance and plenty of excuses to spend time with your busy parents. On the other hand, it also conveys a lot of happiness among all people. All in all, Christmas has a way of cheering everyone up.