How to Find the Best Swimsuit for Your Body Shape?

As we all know, people come in all different shapes and figures. From apple to pear shape, hourglass and diamond body type, round and strawberry shape, and many more. There are numerous options to consider when we shopping for new cloth for ourselves. Meanwhile, there are also a lot of various types of swimsuits for us to choose from. From one-piece to two pieces, tankinis and bikini tops, skirt bottoms to high-waisted bottoms, backless, and many more. When we are going to purchase a new swimsuit, the most question we will consider is what type of SHEKINI swimsuit meets our demand or what is the best swimsuit suit for us. However, those two normal questions put us into a strange circle, that is, we may not like the swimsuit we purchased even though there are no problems with it. Then, why this will happen? Usually, we took many situations into consideration when we planning to buy a new swimsuit, such as the style and the color. But the most crucial thing we all do not consider is our own body shape. Maybe some of you will have doubts about this because we are only want to buy a new swimsuit, and the key is the swimsuit style or color. Why do we need to consider our own body shape? As we talked about above, people come in different shapes and figures, therefore, we must take those factors into consideration to help us to choose a swimsuit or swimwear which is best suitable for us. We have some tips for choosing the best suitable SHEKINI swimdress for our own body shape, just follow us and explore the new swimsuit world!

Swimsuits for a Pear Shaped Body Type

First, we need to know what is the pear-shaped body. Usually, for someone with this body type, their hip measurements are wider than their shoulders, maybe at least 5% wider. If you noticed that your body shape is the same as this situation, then fall into this category. This is also the most common body shape.

In our opinion, pear-shaped bodies will look best with swimsuits that show off your lower body curves but hiding them. For example, instead of hiding your body curves in a boy's shorts, show off your curves by wearing high-waisted bikini bottoms. In order to show off your curves, we recommend that you can select bikinis with underwire or halter support, vibrant patterns, and interesting details. Moreover, you can choose one-piece swimsuits, tankinis, and SHEKINI swimdress which can also help you stand out in the crowd even though you are in the pear-shaped body type. Do not hesitate and just have a try, those swimsuits type we recommended will flatter your body shape without exposing your body defects.

Swimsuits for a Strawberry Shaped Body Type

The strawberry-shaped body is also called the inverted triangle-shaped body type. As the name implies, the inverted triangle-shaped body type is like an upside-down triangle. As we all know, the inverted triangle is featured by the top that is wider than the bottom. Meanwhile, the inverted triangle-shaped body type also keeps the same feature: that is the shoulders that are wider than the hips. What's more, it is also referred to as a cone or strawberry. If you noticed that you have this feature, then you fall into the strawberry-shaped body type. Because of this special body shape, what you need to show off is no longer your shoulders but your hip. With this kind of body shape, your waist maybe not be so obvious, also your body type will narrow from your shoulders to your hips. Therefore, you need to choose swimsuit or SHEKINI bikini bottom that can accentuate your hips or swimsuits with a V neckline, or full coverage and tankinis suit tops. Swimsuit bottoms with side shirring will accentuate your hips but your shoulders, also, full coverage and tankini suit tops will cover more of your upper body to draw other attention to your hips and keep a balanced look.

Swimsuits for a Round Shaped Body Type

Before we talked about the pear-shaped and strawberry-shaped body type, now we are moving to the round body type, and it is also called the apple-shaped body type.

We all know the apple, and one of the most distinctive features of the apple must be this shape is round. That is to say, the apple-shaped body is round and fits with well-balanced hips as well as shoulders. Generally speaking, this body type has no significant shortcomings, but at the same time, it does not have outstanding advantages. Just like an apple, ladies with this shape type are round, typically they have an average large bust, shapely legs, and a less visible waistline. Come to this normal-shaped body type, we do not recommend sexy swimsuits or bikinis which totally show off your body because they will expose your normal and none outstanding advantages body totally. For this kind of body type, we have some suggestions for you.

You can select tankini sets with fitted waists. Although there is not visible waistline in this kind of body type, we also can create it through some suits which highlight your waistline. In this situation, a full-coverage style or the SHEKINI one-piece swimsuits also accentuates your waist because it can help you to tummy abdomen.

Tips for You to Choose the Best Swimsuit with Your Body Shape

Apart from those three body shapes, there are also some other types we did not talk about. Sometimes, we also cannot remember too many rules about how to choose the swimsuits according to a certain body shape. But, what we can remember is that when we choose a new swimsuit for ourselves, we must clear our body shape. We may know a word: exploit strengths and avoid weaknesses. The final aim we spend additional time to choose a best swimsuit is to show off our body advantages and hide our disadvantages. No matter how many complicated rules there are, just remember this one but the crucial rule, you will know how to select a satisfied and best SHEKINI swimwear for yourself.