How to avoid quarrels between parents and kids

We know two words: house and family. Owing to the house, then the family members can get together. In the house, there are so many things that will happen. Also, we do not know what will happen and how serious things will go on. Between parents and kids, however, the relationships will not keep in a harmonious state all time. Take, for example, the relationships between SHEKINI and customers are also will not be friendly always. In a healthy family, children grow into adults, and their relationships with parents will transform into a more friendly, equal, and relaxed relationship. However, not all families can keep in a friendly and relaxed relationship between parents and kids. Most families are always in a mess because they usually quarrel with each other, and they cannot talk with each other in peace. As for SHEKINI, if we can not talk with our customers, then we will lose their trust. Meanwhile, the family relationship will also be in a terrible status if parents and children can not solve their problems. Therefore, we need to do something to change this situation.

Practice Acceptance

Anyway, parents and kids are two groups at different times. They hold different values, for example, different religions or political views. Facing the same matter, they will express their different opinions. Everyone is an independent individual, and sometimes, they are not willing to agree with others’ opinions or the way of solving the problems. Actually, it is not wrong to express our own views. However, it is not acceptable that if we can not deal with the relationship between parents and children. Since they can not agree with or accept others’ opinions, there will happen a quarrel between them. The same situation happened on our SHEKINI. Sometimes we can not understand why the customer does not accept that the red SHEKINI swimsuit symbolizes passion. However, a part of our customers considers the red color is the reflection of blood and killing. At last, we understood each other and end in a peaceful conversation. As long as we learn about some cultural background, then we will understand and accept others’ values. Between parents and children, they need to learn about their inner thoughts and also try to accept their own values. After all, our beliefs, knowledge, and all our society are changing as time goes on. We can not force everyone to support a view of an old society. So practice acceptance is an effective way to keep a relaxed relationship between parents and kids.

Trust and Respect

We always told to other people: trust me! If these words can take effect between parents and kids, then there will no quarrels between them. Another word is respect. At the stage a kid grows into an adult, they will make a lot of decisions. Moreover, they will be happy if their decisions can be accepted and respected by their parents. Even though their parents can not accept, they should respect the decision. No trust, no respect, then no friendly relationships. On the other hand, kids also should trust and respect their parents. Perhaps parents can not take every situation into consideration, however, the love for their kids can not be denied. At a college graduation party, if they want to hold a bikini theme party and your kids want to wear a SHEKINI bikini. As for this situation, not all parents will agree that because no matter how old are you, danger still exists. And sometimes some parents will think about whether their kids are changed. This is a college graduation party and all the classmates are know each other, so you can trust your kids. Or if you still worry about them, you can give a SHEKINI swimdress because this is not too revealing. Then kids also should trust and respect their parents. Most parents want to provide a happy and carefree life for their children. Also, they hope their kids can cultivate a hobby. Of course, all kids want to have a relaxed weekend and they do not willing to waste time on homework and tutoring classes that you are not interested in. Maybe you will be angry with your parents, but you should trust that they will not hurt you. You can discuss with your parents to deal with the matter.

Sincerely Listening

We can say, listening is the most wonderful thing all around the world. Through listening, we know the inner thoughts of other people. Through listening, we can avoid some unnecessary hassles. And through listening, we can maintain a friendly and relaxed relationship with other people. In order to meet someone’s demand, the first thing we need to do is to listen to their thoughts. Only in this way can we understand what should we do to accomplish the matter. In the relationship between parents and kids, listening is also playing a vital role. We know sometimes parents can not understand their kids, at the same time, kids also do not understand their parents. However, they are still not willing to deal with this problem but always quarrels with each other, which results in their relation to becoming more and more alienated. Facing the problem, SHEKINI is paying adequate attention to listen to our customers’ suggestions and their demands. As long as they ordered a SHEKINI swimdress from us, once they have any questions, we will help them to solve them and listen to their ideas. Therefore, the relationships between SHEKINI and customers can still be in a friendly and harmonious status. The same situation happened between parents and kids. They can also do it in this way. Calm down and sit down, listen to each other's ideas. Any problems will be solved as long as we can listen to others and know what are their demands.

Avoid quarrels is not difficult if you are willing to take your time to explore the inside problems. Practice accepting others’ different values, trust and respect each other. You can get out of most quarrels. Moreover, you need to listen to others and then know what are they really want. Please do remember that your opinions are still yours. You can not force others to totally submissive you. Also, do not doubt others casually. Trust and respect are the most basic principles of getting along with people. It is because of those guidelines, SHEKINI can gain our customers’ trust and support.